Alan Galbraith (Rich Hill Stud, NZ)

I have known Gabrielle for some years now, since she began taking active steps to widen her industry experience.  She always had the aim of being a trainer and, with the assistance of experience that she picked up from her father, went about preparing herself in a positive and enthusiastic way.
Now that she is training, she is approaching that in the same way.  I have a two year old in training with Gabby.  Everything she has done in his preparation has been professional and at every step of the way she has kept me informed.  Hopefully this horse can run - if he cannot I would certainly intend to place another horse with Gabby.  She deserves to succeed.


Gerry Harvey (Magic Millions)

"I have 150 of the best bred thoroughbreds in training in Sydney and Melbourne. I have no hesitation in placing some of those with Gabby. I find her to be totally dedicated to her horses care and training and she leaves nothing to chance."


Ralph Gilbert (Owner and Breeder)

I have had horses with Gabrielle since June 2008 and have been incredibly pleased with the success we have enjoyed together with all four of my horses winning at either Provincial or Metropolitan level in the past 18 months. She is very dedicated to her horses health and fitness and her attention to detail in second to none. I am looking forward to the youngsters coming into work and I know they will be given every chance to succeed.


Linda Fleiter (Sire Custodians Ltd - Racehorse and Sire Syndications)

Gabrielle Englebrecht, is a thorough professional in her care of all horses in her stable, whether they be there for pre-training or racing.
She is a dedicated and committed trainer, and thorough in her assessment of each individual's needs and requirements, which is needed in today's racing requirements.
Our horses when with Gabrielle, never looked better in the coat, were relaxed and happy individuals, and were fit and healthy, their overall condition the best we have ever seen them.
With such a "hands on" approach to her training, Gabrielle is able to assess the horse, without having to "rely" on comments from trackwork riders, and stable forepersons as in larger stables.
Our horses are "individuals" in her stable, not just another "invoice number".
We will have other horses with Gabrielle in the future, without a doubt.


Jill Belford (Racehorse owner)

Knowing Gabrielle's dream has always been to become a Thoroughbred racehorse trainer, even though she had the exam marks to get into veterinary science or medicine, has made it easy for me to support her.  Gabrielle is keen and motivated with passion for the Thoroughbred racehorse to achieve a successful career.  I know first hand that owners enjoy their racing experience with Gabrielle and her excellent communication allows her to deliver the bad news without upset to her owners.
Being a third generation trainer with the horsemanship and integrity of the widely respected Englebrecht family is a comfort for her owners and I will always support her wherever I can.